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In this episode Jim and Tyson interview Joey Vitale and go through his process of starting his own law firm, choosing the right niche and re-branding accordingly.

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“I took a look at what my strengths were and met up with some mentors, work with them for a while, and co-founded a startup for startups. Then I realized that the market we were going after, wouldn’t really value the type of service we were providing.”

Besides, all three attorneys discuss and share their different approaches on giving away free content.What’s your point of view on this matter? Comment!

“For me it starts with this idea of creating a lean business and then making sure that the sales component can work, and then once you confirmed that then you can go to the other priorities.”

Hacking’s hack:
Using Overcast ( I found out about Andrew Warner and GREAT INTERVIEWS.

Joey’s tip: Experience with Facebook Live in your business. And use to go live through your desktop.

Tyson’s tip: Google Adwords Express. From your phone. SUPER EASY.

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