Case Management Software For The Modern Law Firm ft. Ryan Anderson Pop-Up Episode
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In this Pop-Up episode, Tyson interviews Ryan Anderson, Co-Founder & CEO of Filevine; a case management software for the modern law firm.



  • Introduction: what is Filevine?
    • Conversations: Filevine relies on conversational case management
    • All different channels brought to a centralized location
    • An easy answer to: “What’s going on with my case?”
    • If you use email, you know how to use Filevine. Very easy to use.
  • Integration:
    • Filevine is the only case management software on the market that integrates email on local and mobile device
    • Reduction of intra office email
  • Popular features:
    • Text messaging
    • Communication: easy media transfer
    • Reduction of inbound calls
  • Reports:
    • Every single field on Filevine is reportable
    • Custom fields
    • Partnership with Domo
  • Results & Analytics
  • Check out the Demo on the Facebook group
  • NEW FEATURE: Fax direct from case files: IMMINENT RELEASE
  • Go to Filevine and get in touch!
  • Support team: Chat support




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Transcripts: Case Management Software For The Modern Law Firm ft. Ryan Anderson

Unknown Speaker
Run your law firm the right way. This is the maximum lawyer podcast, podcast.

Tyson Mutrux
Everyone takes the music’s here again, with maximum lawyer podcast, we’re gonna do another one, the pop up podcast where we bring on a product or service to talk about what they do. And just to sort of vet them for you. And we’ve got a really, really good one. This week. It’s wild lion. We’ve got the actual CEO, Ryan Anderson on the podcast. Ryan, how you doing? Good Tyson, how are you? I’m doing well. So you just want to do a brief introduction as to what file vine is. I know, there’s been a lot of chatter. We’ve had you on the Facebook page to talk about it. We did a video a demo, we’re gonna talk a little bit more about it for people that have not seen the demo.

Ryan Anderson
Yeah. So at the heart of it bio vine is case management software, but built in a different way. File vine relies heavily on what we call conversational case management. We think so much of the actual work that is done on a case is done via conversations. Unfortunately, we think most of those conversations are housed and siloed in various different areas. For instance, email, or text messages to the general idea of file vine is that all these various channels, whether it’s, you know, fax, email, text, notes, Slack messages, whatever they may be, they’re all brought into one centralized location, so that, at any point in time, when you’re asked the question, you probably get asked more than any other every day, which is what’s going on with my case, you have an easy answer, you know exactly what’s going on with the case. Because the conversations around that case, are sitting in the activity feed for that case, no matter where they happen, via email, Slack, text messages, it doesn’t matter. They’re all sitting where they should be.

Tyson Mutrux
And I’m glad you called it an activity feed. So people know what you’re talking about the way I would just analogize it sort of like if you were to go to Facebook, and look at your Facebook feed you laid laid out very similar to that. I mean, it looks different. But the way you get the information is very similar. Is that fair to say?

Ryan Anderson
I think that is fair to say. And I’ll tell you, there’s a lot of people who hear that and they think, oh, geez, I’m not a social media guy. I’m not into using hashtags. And you know, I’m not on Twitter, I’m not on Instagram. I’m not on Facebook, this software isn’t for me. What I can tell you is, if you use email, you know how to use File vine. It’s that simple. It’s simply looping people into conversations that they need to be a part of, it is very easy to use. Also, one of the biggest kind of hurdles to file mine is this initial thought like, geez, I don’t know if I want to leave my email. No problem. byline integrates into email fantastically well, we think we do it better than anybody. byline is currently, at least to my knowledge, the only case management system on the market that actually integrates its email, not only on a local device, but also on a mobile device. So when you’re on your phone, you can actually attach an email to a case directly from your mobile phone. So we think you’re attached to email. And that’s where you want to handle all your matters. That’s fine farmlands, a great place for that. On the flip side, if you say to yourself, gosh, I’m getting too many email messages every day. And in fact, I’m getting messaged and copied on emails that really don’t matter at my attention. Well, then farmland might very well be a place for you to take a look. Because five line is meant to drastically reduce the number of intra office emails that you’re getting. So the day to day work of your team is getting housed in the case file, and you’re simply being alerted to the items that matter.

Ryan Anderson
So let’s talk a little bit about the most popular features. I know you integrate with Slack and things like that you got some text messaging feature. So what do you find are the most popular features that attorneys life?

Ryan Anderson
Boy, text messaging is very popular, we do text messaging, I’m gonna brag a bit here and say we do it better than anybody else. When you text message a client, it comes across, just like a client would expect a text message to come across, you can send both text messages, but also extra messages. And so it’s a really effective way for your client to send over pictures of their injury pictures of a surgery that they’re having, or pictures of a car accident can be a very effective way to communicate with your client. We’ve actually done studies, Tyson, and the number of inbound phone calls coming into law offices that adopt five lines text messaging platform is reduced by about 20%. And that’s simply because there’s a number of clients who would far prefer to text in and not have to wait on hold and not hope that they reached the attorney. They simply want to have a conversation on their terms and on their time and five on makes it very easy to do that. So that’s probably the most digestible the easiest way to come Get into file line at a high level, file lines metrics. And our reporting engine we think is world class, you can report on every single data point that is in file line, you can report on every conversation every note, every task. Every single field and file line is reportable, even though maybe 90 to 95% of the fields and foul line are actually custom fields. They’re all reportable immediately after you build them. So bottom line is reporting engine is pretty dang awesome. Our partnership with Domo allows you to glean insights from those reports that are pretty spectacular, we can take a case and we can say, okay, not only do we want to know, you know how much money it cost to get this case in the door from a marketing perspective, and we want to know how many days this case has been sitting in the treatment phase, or how long the demand phase has taken. Or you know, which case managers might get clogged up and might not move their cases along, you know, from phase to phase or Stage to Stage. All of those are important metrics. But foul line can go far deeper than that, we can say, hey, we would like to know, how many actions per case are we taking, and is this particular case, even though it might have a nominally high dollar amount attached to it, let’s say it’s $100,000 policy limit case, and we think we can get that $100,000. But it may be that we have worked way harder on that case than a case that is potentially a $25,000 case that we’re able to resolve very quickly. And finally, banking, glean the commonalities. And the differences between cases that settle quickly in cases that take a long time. And they can also show you which of your case managers and which of your attorneys are most efficient by showing, hey,

Ryan Anderson
here’s what action they take on a particular case. And here’s how quickly they can produce a particular results. So if I was really good at kind of very deep dive type analytics, I’ll vouch for you I have looked at I think, most or if not all of the case management systems out there, you do by far have the best text message capabilities out of all of them. By far, the reporting is really cool. And the people that really want to see the recording, go to the Facebook group, because you get to see actually the demo, it’s only up there for another week. So we’re gonna take it down after a week. So make sure you get out there and check it out. Something that you mentioned on the demo. And I think it’s really interesting, and you probably have not had a lot of feedback yet on it. Because New is the fax capabilities, you wanna talk a little bit about that?

Ryan Anderson
Yeah, my dev team is officially going to kill me. But yes, fax direct from case file and receiving faxes directly from the case file is a feature that is for imminent release, certainly, I can guarantee that it’s a q3 feature, meaning, you know, July, August or September, candidly, we think we’ll have it out quite a bit sooner than that. But I don’t want to put the cart before the horse. And I’m always trying to respect our wonderful developers who put a lot of time and attention into these features and make sure that they’re done exactly right. But it is a feature that is far enough along that we feel comfortable announcing that it is on its way and will be a q3 feature. Awesome.

Tyson Mutrux
It’s a really cool feature. Some I’m glad you talked a little about your I’m glad you’re willing to talk about it. Alright, so these are meant to be bite sized in nature. So I want you to tell everyone how people can get file vine. And then any last words you have.

Ryan Anderson
Yeah, I think the best way to get in touch with us is to just go to File and pop into the chat bubble and engage one of our representatives there usually from about 7am to about 7pm at night. And they’re they’re going to be absolutely, you know, obviously very excited to talk to you. The nice thing is, the first people you engage with are actually support people. We assume that people coming to our website are looking for support, not sales. And so you can talk to somebody about deeper functionality. Eventually they’ll route you to sales if you’re not a current customer, but they can answer some more technical questions for you. Also, keep in mind that is one of the ways we service our customers is through chat support. It is very popular. We hear from our customers that once they get on chat support, they never want to leave it they think that it’s better than email or phone support. We tend to agree and we have chat representatives available all through working hours to answer questions very quickly. We pride ourselves on having just a phenomenal support team. I love it. All right. Ryan, thank you so much for coming on. I appreciate it and have a great day. Thanks. Bye bye.

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