Case Management Software For The Modern Law Firm ft. Ryan Anderson Pop-Up Episode
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In this Pop-Up episode, Tyson interviews Ryan Anderson, Co-Founder & CEO of Filevine; a case management software for the modern law firm.

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  • Introduction: what is Filevine?
    • Conversations: Filevine relies on conversational case management
    • All different channels brought to a centralized location
    • An easy answer to: “What’s going on with my case?”
    • If you use email, you know how to use Filevine. Very easy to use.
  • Integration:
    • Filevine is the only case management software on the market that integrates email on local and mobile device
    • Reduction of intra office email
  • Popular features:
    • Text messaging
    • Communication: easy media transfer
    • Reduction of inbound calls
  • Reports:
    • Every single field on Filevine is reportable
    • Custom fields
    • Partnership with Domo
  • Results & Analytics
  • Check out the Demo on the Facebook group
  • NEW FEATURE: Fax direct from case files: IMMINENT RELEASE
  • Go to Filevine and get in touch!
  • Support team: Chat support




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