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In this episode, Jim & Tyson approach how to build an audience; the pure value of a big audience and the different models. Dive in as they talk about how consistency and taking one step at a time can help make a bigger audience, and the importance of adding value and content information to the group.

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  • Topics:
  • Building an audience

    • Jim >
    • A large audience solves problems
    • Listeners should spend more time building an audience
    • Different ways to build an audience
  • Different Models

    • Tyson >
    • Different audiences
    • Ex: John Fisher/Lawyers are his audience
    • Potential referral partners
    • Jim >
    • Audience potential consumers
    • Through internet and videos
    • Focus on different audience and different ways to build an audience
    • Ex: Mitch Jackson/Social Media type/Person who’s growing his brand/Speaking at lawyer conferences/Building audience in different ways
    • Pure value of a large audience
    • Finding people who want what you have
    • Spend time simplifying search and message
    • “There are enough people in the world who need what you have to make a nice life for yourself”
  • “What you have”?
    • Ex. Dean Jackson/ Talks about people who need a new roof
    • Roofer/Identifying people who need a new roof and different ways to do it/Spend more time speaking to them and business them as an audience
    • “Find who are the people that might be business for me”
    • Ex: Hanging out with international student advisors/Figuring out different ways to market international students/Market to the international student advisors/Built audience on Facebook/Talk about immigration
  • Tyson’s secret thoughts

    • Guru of referral partners comes solo small primitive offence firms
    • Primitive offence lawyers not making enough money/Taking cases down
    • Public offender list/List of solo and small firm primitive offence lawyers
    • Overflow in public offences cases referred to people on list
    • Target people/no advertising
    • Successful getting referrals
    • Target > “What can you provide to those people that they are looking for?”/A boost in income/Find way to target them
  • Jim > Being hyper targeted
    • Build one little audience/Being deliberate
    • Ex. John Fisher/medical malpractice cases
    • Mentoring > Lawyers getting cases from other lawyers
  • Case MaxLawyers
  • Jim >
  • Trajectory in an organic way built audience
  • Audience growth/Conferences growth/Downloads on facebook and podcast
  • Last two years > Natural projection of what audience growth leads to
  • Facebook/Long productive beneficial threads/Monitoring/Leads more people to listen to episodes > 700-800 episode download
    • Tyson >
    • Targeted podcast
    • Jim, Tyson and a microphone, talking
    • Facebook group
    • Conference
    • Starting newsletter
    • Doing one thing at a time/Step by step
  • Building an audience can be overwhelming

    • Jim >
    • “What will people find in me interesting?”
    • Doing leg work/Consistent content creation so people come back
    • Making it interesting
    • Key to all is to start
    • Tyson >
    • Consistency
    • Newsletter/Never missed on podcast
    • Experiment/When find something that works keep doing it consistently
  • Have an audience

  • People getting in front of audience in different ways

    • Tyson >
    • About getting group together/Sharing ideas
    • Some people taking advantage/others provide value
    • Marketing companies in group provide value/Jim and Tyson know who are the ones that don’t
    • Jim >
    • Contrast of two possible scenarios:
    • 1) Member of group/Immigration lawyer/ CLE about legal marketing and running your practice/Never participated/Pitch conference in group/Negative answer from Jim > “Nobody knows who you are and you have never participated”
    • 2)Member of group William Eadie/Course with pillar contents for website and how seo games are nothing more but games/Tech lawyers how to do this/Positive answer from Jim > Given great content information/Great participant/Great advocate/
    • Don’t waste money, time and resources
    • Tyson >
    • “Ones that don’t contribute and just take”
    • Give best ideas and value to everyone's lives
  • Listener > “How do I build an audience?”

    • Tyson >
    • Come up with a list
    • List the message
    • Communicate with them/Through social media/Via podcast
    • Jim >
    • Big audiences
    • Through podcast and youtube
    • Podcast/Consistency/Somebody in the back making episodes come out
    • People listening at any time
    • Being regularly connected to people in video or audio format
    • Being in people’s ears/”No substitute for people’s true identities come through when talking week after week”
    • People know MaxLaw very well
    • “Not being connected will leave you far behind”
    • Tyson >
    • Getting to know him through youtube or podcast
    • Daily facebook videos
    • Don’t want youtube or podcast go back to basic list and target it
    • Advantage being in people’s ears
    • Make a podcast is easy/Consistency is what is difficult
    • Love to talk about things that I’m passionate about

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