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In this episode, Jim & Tyson interview Jonathan Hawkins, Outside General Counsel to law firms and owner of Law Firm GC. Jonathan is always seeking to avoid lawsuits, has litigated and tried contentious lawyer breakup cases. Listen as they talk about his journey having been through a law firm dissolution himself having an up close the issues that arise and the effects they can have on a law firm and a lawyer’s practice.

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  • About Jonathan
    • Business lawyer for lawyers
    • Represents lawyers and law firms
    • Business related to an issue of a lawyer or a law firm can encounter
  • More details
    • Three types of law clients.
    • 1)Counseling
    • 2)Project based engagements/Set up partnerships and draft documents “Print ups – Documents all law firm should have”
    • 3)Law firms breakup/Mitigation and law practice
    • Grew up as a business litigator/Business divorces of other types
    • Drafting agreements to avoid fights
    • Bargaining work and legal out practice leave for experts to handle
  • Representing lawyers/Lessons learned watching lawyers
    • Father attorney/Handled many law firm brake ups in small town
    • Father’s suggestion to look into large city
    • Reading articles and cases
    • Talking to everybody
    • Lawyer friends asking for help
    • Seeing lots of law firms from the inside/Different set ups and models
  • Ideal Client
    • Big firm/Big operation
    • Small firm attorneys/Project based engagements
    • Not big international firms/Have own in house team
  • Reaching Jim and Tyson’s podcast
    • Their podcast fan/Recommends
    • Trying to build a team
    • Perfect a subscription model
    • Put together the value proposition for lawyers
  • Vision of subscription and level provided > Go back to Joey Vitale’s interview
    • Contacting him with daily issues
    • Quarter program service
  • Suggesting Jess Birken’ interview. Interesting subscription model and info product/Provides educational videos before encounter
  • Suggesting Lee Rosen’s interview. Another subscription model option/Variation of podcast
    • Get team together
  • Farm out mitigation to another firm
  • Delegating
    • Taking on an attorney
    • Rather work in business than court
    • Working on finding a part time litigator
  • Mitigation components
    • Partner breakup/Each hires an attorney
    • Lawsuit files and lawsuit allegations
  • Getting a full time lawyer
  • Farming out mitigation/Taking on an assistant/Basic guidance for subscription model
    • Educating and communicating value proposition
  • Drill out in what you are selling/Solution offered/Figure out people
    • Firm brings in a young associate
    • Gains experience and clients/Leaves and clients go with him
    • “Clients always choose who they are going with”
    • Provisions put in place/Slow process down
    • Give law firm owner time to react
    • Set fees in place/Agreement with attorneys
  • Dean Jackson and Joe Polish > Entire profits of keeping a client/Educating before contact. Jonathan’s Lawyer education
    • In person, CLE talks, lunches, periodic emails on various topics or website
    • Lawyers spread word out
  • Podcast idea > Telling story of reported cases/Train wrecks or disolutions between lawyers or how to avoid mistakes (Murder book podcast by Michael Connelly). Contact new attorneys and refer to business


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Jim’s hack: Listening to James Schramko /Make a green list/Signs for a good client


Jonathan’s hack: “Give up and loose” “Don’t read, don’t listen and don’t watch”/Negatives on the news

Tyson’s tip: Stop spending time on social media




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