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Today we're excited to share a presentation by Brian Mittman from MaxLawCon 2021! Tune in to learn more about the story behind your numbers.

Brian has been working since he was 14. He has probably held at least two dozen different jobs and seen people injured and hurt. One of the reasons Brian got involved with disability law is that he has a very good family friend who has been disabled his entire life, and Brian has seen how he’s struggled in order to keep working and try to work. 

When he was presented with the opportunity to get involved with what’s called “disability law,” he was really thrilled to be able to not only practice being an attorney, but helping other people who really need to know things about what their choices are, what they can do, and what their future may hold.

1:25 people talk to people

4:09 KPIs for my people

8:05 here is our goal

12:21 feed generating activities

16:48 they kept running

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