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Today we’re excited to share a presentation by Brendan Ruane from MaxLawCon 2021! Tune in to learn about sensory perceptions when it comes to color.

Technical Guru Brendan with FirmFlex brings a vast array of knowledge to his team. Having worked in all aspects of digital marketing, he is able to make sure that all campaigns work and tie into other marketing efforts. He has the experience and skillset to leverage technology to make marketing easier. 

His hands-on approach to technical aspects of social media allows him to help law firms with pixel firing, color theory, retargeting, lead funnels, and all of the intricate details that only those at the top know and understand.

1:50 what’s it like on webpages

4:34 that’s the opposite end of the spectrum

9:08 theme on the page

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Transcript: Color Theory with Brendan Ruane

Speaker 1
In today’s episode, we’re sharing a presentation from AXA con 2021. Keep listening to Brendan Ruane as we share his talk color theory. You can also head to the maxim lawyer YouTube channel to watch the full video. Now to the episode,

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run your law firm the right way. This is the maximum liar podcast, podcast, your hosts, Jim hacking and Tyson metrics. Let’s partner up and maximize your firm.

Brendan Ruane
Welcome to the show. Good morning, everybody. I know that everybody’s eager to get to lunch. So I’m going to try to make this quick. But I think you’ll get some good stuff out of this. Has anybody seen these we have them over at our booth, these little fidget pop toys, kids love these things. Now, they’re all the rage. And the reason because it’s a sensory reaction that they get. It’s a little piece of plastic, but you’ll be amazed at how quiet kids will be in a car, how they won’t fight as long as each kid has one. So if you’d like any of these, we have a bunch at our booth, please stop by. But I just want you to understand that we’re going to be talking about sensory perceptions and things today when it comes to color. So your eye is constantly scanning and bringing in new information. And you’re constantly evaluating that information. What do you guys think about that guy? You’ve already made judgments about him and an instant? So you look weird. Is he funny, he’s got a weird hat on. So you make really quick snap judgments when you see a person’s face. Now, generally, it’s in 100 milliseconds, that’s 1/10 of a second. It’s very fast to come up with. But it’s a survival technique. It’s how we learned who we could trust. You know, out in the wild, we’re in caveman days, you’re constantly doing this, even though it’s unconscious to you now. 100 milliseconds, 1/10 of a second. What’s it like on webpages, the amazing thing is, even though that webpage has a ton of content on it, you will make a determination on a webpage in 17 to 50 milliseconds, that’s up to six times faster than you would a person face to face. So it’s instantaneous. on a screen, it’s the way that the eye reacts. So what the eye sees the ear hears the mind beliefs. This is how magicians make you think magic happens. It’s not actually magic. It’s sleight of hand, they’re using your senses against you. So the question is, how can we use that to our advantage. So when we talk about color perception, there’s the physical, which is the actual, here’s a red ball, okay? Then you have the perception in the eye. And then that comes through into psychological, which is oh, now in my mind, I know that’s a red ball. That’s where the cognition of that’s what I’ve determined, the real thing we want to look at, from existence to detection, to the meaning we really want to focus on detection. Because this is where we can use those sleight of hand tricks like magicians, to actually help you guys out, I want you to take a minute in the middle, try to break up between the two slides, but just stare at the X in the middle there. And you’re gonna see a phenomenon. So you’ve got those fuchsia dots. And they’re blinking. So what did you see? Did anybody see anything besides the fuchsia dots? Would you say? Exactly. There’s an aqua blue dot there. Now what that actually is, when your eye receives a ton of one color, there’s an effect called dominant color eye exhaustion, your eye is overloaded the cones in your eye. So what happens is it creates a complementary halo effect that complementary halo effect is actually the opposite color on the RGB color wheel. Basically, what is happening is that magenta and the lime, they’re opposite your eyes being overloaded with one. And so it’s seeking out the opposite. So it can rest its inverse, because the eye wants to be imbalanced. Now, the amazing thing is there’s no lime on there. This is another one, let’s do with red. Now if you stare at the Exxon this one, give it a minute or two, and you will start to see something else. Anybody see another color yet? Raise your hand if you do aqua blue. So on that one, you have to remember that’s the opposite end of the spectrum, the human eye is jumping three times a second to capture visual information. And you’re processing that in real time. The eye wants to find that complementary color because it’s overloaded. It actually needs to find that complementary color. Because it’s so overloaded. It needs that to rest. So the question becomes, how can you take that to your advantage?

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Speaker 3
Well, it comes down to your call to actions. So your call to actions on your website, whether it be a landing page, or your main site in itself, is what you want people to do. So by using the opposite color of the color wheel of the dominant color on your site, you can actually make a magnet that the eye will be drawn to. Here’s an example of a very basic page, it’s like an aqua blue color is the dominant color on that page. And you really don’t see your eye isn’t drawn anywhere. In particular, you’re probably drawn to the picture of the person because we always associated with faces. However, if we make one slight little change, and change that button color to the opposite of that aqua blue on the color wheel, all of a sudden, everybody’s eyes jumping right into that button. So you’re actually can take somebody who lands on a page and force their ID to go there there is going to want to go there, you’re just slowly leading along by changing that color. So you can see in the side by side comparison, it is obvious how much that call to action is jumping out at you. So you can use this to your advantage. If you do this on your site, I guarantee you, you will see a drastic increase in whether it’s form fills or click to calls, whatever the call to action that you have, it will go up and it’s just a physiological response to that color change, their eye will be drawn there more, and they will automatically go and take that action. So one thing to keep in mind, though, is that you can’t use that opposite color too much. When you use it, it dilutes the effect. So now there’s all those colors along the bottom. And now your eye can jump there. Remember three times a second, your eyes moving, it’s capturing new information. So when you have too much of it, your eye has other places to jump. So they’re not drawn just to your CTA to your button. So remember, on the RGB color wheel, you want to have whatever your dominant color is that’s on your site. And it can be any color that you have most lawyer sites, it’s probably going to be blue, because you guys all love blue. For some reason. If it was blue, your opposite is going to be orange, if anybody’s ever seen any signs for JetBlue. At the airport, there’s a reason why all the Jet Blue signs where you have to know what ticket counters go to aren’t orange, because the rest of all their signage is blue. And so they know this, and they’ve made it so that you will get to the right place to get your ticket and get on your flight. So you want to reserve that CTA color. Now this effect will still work say you don’t really like the exact color that’s across on the color wheel, you can actually reserve the two slices on either side of that color. And use one of those as your CTA if it fits better with your branding or the theme on the page. Or if your designer is a little stubborn, because sometimes we can be that way. So just reserve those and don’t use those anywhere else on your site. But for your call to actions. You want to keep those and reserve them. One last tip for you guys, because I know everybody’s looking to get to lunch, do not become beholden to your logo colors. The amount of times somebody had a logo made up and they come to me and they say, Well, this is what we want to use for our website. And it takes none of this stuff into practice. You’re better off either redoing your logo colors or leave it just as the logo on your letterheads and your stuff that’s digital can either be a monochrome logo or you can use something that’s going to help you along these ways. You don’t want to waste money, especially if you’re putting this on landing pages. You’re paying to get somebody there to To take that action to engage with that CTA, you don’t want to waste money by not using a complementary color and not using it anywhere else. So hopefully that brought some clarity for you guys on why sometimes colors matter, and the tricks that your eye can play. When you’re using colors, especially on screens with your websites. I will be around I know we’re gonna be breaking for lunch any minute. I will be around if you have any questions. If you want one of those fidget poppers just stop by the booth, we’ve got a ton of them. I’d like to not take them off playing back home, and I’m sure your kids will love them. So thank you very much for having me today.

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