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Today we're excited to share a presentation by Billie Tarascio from MaxLawCon 2021! Tune in to learn all about Billie’s post-pandemic law firm, the review of her systems, and her experience on the path to continuing becoming an expert in the field.

Billie Tarascio has been pushing the boundaries for how to build a successful law practice since starting Modern Law in 2008 in Mesa, Arizona. After graduating from Law School at the University of Oregon, she started seeing what many lawyers see. “Most of the people who needed our help couldn’t afford attorneys and lawyers needed more work,” she says. Searching for a better way of doing things for attorneys and clients alike, she started by building a low-cost law firm to help clients during a difficult economy.  Alas, the numbers didn’t work, she recalls. “I needed to find some way of making divorce cheaper,” she said.

That’s when she built Access Legal, a cloud-based document automation software for clients to help them create their own forms and filings, ostensibly with the coaching help of an attorney or paralegal. Still, clients were not always comfortable creating legal documents. But technology continued to drive the bottom line in her firm, where she developed techniques to tweak results that she’s been sharing with other lawyers around the country. 

Through her experiences and driven by metrics, Tarascio has developed the steps to create and assess changes to any law firm, and drive measurable increases in company profits – which ultimately serve clients with better service. Tarascio has four children ages 3 to 14 and lives in Gilbert, Arizona.

1:26 made predictions

4:01 demand is off the charts

7:28 client advocate role

12:55 Google mind business

16:20 where are the people searching

20:17 what is the purpose of the locations

Watch the podcast here.

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