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Today on the show we have Michael Foster and Brian Wallace, co-founders of Foster & Wallace. Their firm is based in Kansas City and is brand new-less than a year old.

We’ll discuss taking the leap from BigLaw to running a practice, the biggest challenges they’ve faced in making the transition, running a firm with two different practice areas, establishing yourself with a website,

Hacking’s Hack: Ryan McKeen said at the beginning of the year that he’s done reading business books. I’m reading a book right now called Billion Dollar Whale. Think modern day Malaysian Gatsby except it all really happened.

Tyson’s Tip: Two books by Russell Brunston- .com secrets and expert secrets. I use these as desk references.

Michael’s Tip: Have coffee to network rather than lunch. Saves money and is better on the waistline. Ask for 5 star reviews from everyone you work with.

Brian’s Tip: When you’ve got business partners its important to be open and transparent. Leave it all out there.

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