“Being a Smarter Solo (and a Better Friend)” w/ Jess Birken 168
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This week on the show we have Jess Birken, owner of Birken Law Offices where she helps charities and non-profits to solve their problems so they can focus on what’s important. In this episode we’ll discuss spotting problem prospective clients, being a good friend, how to stay motivated about your work, and the best software to be using as a solo.

Twitter @JessBirken

Hacking’s Hack:

I’m really excited about this week’s hack, it comes from a lawyer in my office named Ashley Moore. If you go to you can enter the URL and it will print just the text, no ads or anything else cluttering the printed paper.

Tyson’s Tip:

I just finished listening to the podcast Land of the Giants. The first season goes in-depth with how Amazon started out and how they grew to the size they are today.

Jess’s Tip:

In Zapier, I recently learned that you can filter information from data that you have. So you can pull just an email, or just a phone number from your data. The conditional formatting is pretty amazing and will let you do just about anything you want.

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