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In today’s episode, Jim and Tyson chat with Becky Zobl! They dive into the journey of how to do marketing in a way that works. If you’re interested in learning more about the better way to market, the systemization behind it, and making actionable decisions, check out this week’s episode. 

Becky Zobl joined the LaFleur team in mid-2018 as a project and account manager. A West Michigan native and graduate of the communications program at Grand Valley State University, Becky journeyed to Los Angeles and worked in the fashion industry after college. She then spent time at a law firm in Chicago before coming full circle and settling back in Grand Rapids with her husband and two young children.

As a natural problem-solver and agent of order, Becky loves to break down problems and come up with creative strategies that sweep them to the wayside. We recently sat down with Becky to get her take on L.A. life, the importance of humor in the workplace, and the gratification of helping others do their best work.

2:29 marketing

5:14 a system to it and a science to it

9:30 we come up with a plan

14:21 understanding our client's full journey

18:51 we have an onboarding call

22:01 really understanding your clients

Jim’s Hack: Spend the necessary time to ensure your marketing is consistent across your brand.

Becky’s Tip: Be prepared! Block out time in your calendar to prepare for things, so you’re not flying by the seat of your pants.

Tyson’s Tip: When it comes to running a law firm, staying healthy is very important. Check out the Sweat Deck App. You hit a card and get random exercises to complete. You never know what you’re going to get with each card.

Watch the podcast here

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