“Automating Your Firm” w/Kelsey Bratcher 162
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This week on the show we have Kelsey Bratcher, owner of Hired Gun Solutions and automation/integration expert second to none. In this episode we’ll discuss the tools you can use to begin automating your firm and compare CRM and Automation technology.

Hacking’s Hack:

I’ve been really enjoying this podcast called “Momentum” from Alex Charfen. Its about empowering both the entrepreneur and the implementors.

Tyson’s Tip:

Sometimes its ok to hit the reset button and start everything over. It’s better to reset now than later on when you’re deeper into bad habits.

Kelsey’s Tip:

Look at Zapier and Google Docs. Law firm are document oriented and this is where you are going to save the most time and money.

Starting out? Get Pipedrive, Autopilot, and Zapier.


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