“Accountability and KPI’s” w/Melissa Shanahan 159
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This week on the show we have Melissa Shanahan, founder of Velocity Work, a law firm consulting and coaching company.

In this episode we’ll discuss how Melissa started in the consulting industry, which KPI’s are important and how to track them, how she keeps her law firm clients accountable on goals, and how she keeps level-headed when working with such a diverse client pool.

Hacking’s Hack: 

From Ashley: Don’t let the muggles get you down

Me: Read the book 5AM Club, its amazing. My wife doesn’t like getting up that early so she’s starting a 5-minutes early club so she never feels like she’s running late by arriving 5 minutes early to everything.

Tyson’s Tip: 

If you’re like me you’ve got post-it notes everywhere. Post-it has a new app that lets you write post-it notes on your phone that follow you around at all times. It’s a convenient and fun way to keep track of all the little notes we leave for ourselves.

Melissa’s Tip:

My tip of the week is to reduce your inputs. Be intentional about the media you let influence you.

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