“10 Scary Mistakes Lawyers Make” w/ Jim Hacking & Tyson Mutrux 170
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Happy Halloween!

This week on the show we’ll discuss the 10 scariest mistakes we see lawyers make:

  1. Not delegating things you don’t need to be doing
  2. The amount that solo and small firms are making
  3. Not doing video marketing
  4. Not systemizing your firm’s processes
  5. Not prioritizing intake
  6. Not using automation
  7. Negative self-talk
  8. Not taking law practice management courses
  9. Being afraid to take action
  10. Overspending

Hacking’s Hack:

Lawyers should keep a spreadsheet of when all of their software renewals are so that you don’t keep getting billed for software you are not using.

Tyson’s Tip:

Go build one Zapier Zap. It’s the gateway software into automizing your firm.

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